The Facebook Bubble Text Generator

The Facebook Bubble Text Generator

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What is Bubble Text?

Bubble text is made up of text characters inside circles or bubbles with either a dark or light background.

Our bubble text generator makes use of characters from the Unicode blocks "Enclosed Alphanumerics" and "Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement". Originally designed for numbered and lettered bullets in ordered lists, these characters provide a variety of visually different and enclosed shapes that can be used as artistic substitutes for standard bullet points. While their original purpose was practical, these contained characters have found creative uses in a variety of settings. The bubble text generator takes advantage of the compelling and ornamental nature of these enclosed characters to create visually beautiful and engaging text styles, bringing whimsy and distinctiveness to your written material.

How to Use Our Free Bubble Text Generator?

Using our tool is simple:

  1. Enter your text in the input field above.
  2. Choose the bubble font you like, and our generator will automatically transform your ordinary text into eye-catching bubble text.
  3. Click “Copy” at the top right of the output box.
  4. Go to Facebook and type in the text you want that isn’t italicized.
  5. Paste the bubble text where you want it.
  6. Post!

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