The Facebook Fraktur-Gothic Text Generator

The Facebook Fraktur-Gothic Text Generator

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What is Fraktur Font?

Fraktur, also known as Gothic or Blackletter, is a Western calligraphy style of the Latin alphabet characterized by its sharp angles and broken strokes. This blackletter style, which originated in Germany in the early 16th century, is now mostly used for decorative purposes, evoking a classical old-world feel or a heavy metal aesthetic.

While Fraktur was widely used in printing and writing during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, its popularity declined with the advent of modern typefaces. However, Fraktur fonts continue to hold a special place in design. They are often employed in vintage-inspired designs, book covers, and decorative elements to add a touch of historical charm. Despite its reduced prevalence in everyday communication, Fraktur can still be used on digital platforms and social media. By thoughtfully incorporating Fraktur text, you can infuse your digital content with a sense of tradition and nostalgia.

Using Our Fraktur-Gothic Font Generator

Our Facebook Fraktur-Gothic text generator makes it easy to add Fraktur text to your social media posts. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Enter your text in the input field above.
  2. Click “Copy” at the top right of the output box or manually copy the text by right-clicking or pressing CTRL + C to copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Go to and type in the text you want that isn’t italicized.
  4. Paste the Fraktur-Gothic text where you want it.
  5. Post your update!

Why Use Fraktur Fonts?

Explore our collection of fraktur font free options, perfect for enhancing your projects at no cost. Our Fraktur-Gothic Font can be used to create eye-catching headlines, artistic designs, and engaging social media content.


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